Lippincott Promotional Book

    Lippincott is a consulting firm that primarily deals with brand strategy and the development of corporate identities.
    The firm was founded in 1943 by J. Gordon Lippincott and Walter P. Margulies as Lippincott & Margulies. The project’s objective was to create a client portfolio book that could be produced by the company and sent out to potential clients.
    The single-piece case is meant to adhere to the concept of the Lippincott logo, which represents the simplicity but efficient in everything they do. The single flap signifies the letter L in Lippincott, encloses the book, and creates structural support to protect the publication when being shipped out.
  • The book showcases Lippincott’s heritage, their most notable team members; introductions to some of their offices; 18 case studies of their significant works in different industries; and an understanding of their approach to design thinking, “brand as possibility.”