The Seattle Lamp

  • The Seattle Needle Lamp
        A functioning table lamp inspired by Seattle's famous architectural landmark
  • Project Brief: Create a lamp using Rhinoceros. Utilize the contour and section command and lay out the design to be laser cut. Assemble laser cut lamp into a final, functional, three-dimensional model.
  • For the design of my laser cut lamp, I wanted to create something atypical and interesting. Not only is city life beautifully modern and inspiring to me, but every city has a variety of architecture that is unique to its foundation and history. I decided to create my lamp based off of the designs of the buildings in Seattle, Washington because of their varying styles and forms. Being intrigued by the Pacific Northwest, I thought it would be a good challenge to try to capture the aesthetic form of a building and translate that into a lamp.
  • Using the mood board, I started sketching lamp forms to figure out how I could get the most interesting forms from the simplest aspects and shapes from the architecture. The lamp could not be too complex due to the final assembly and size.
  • Concept Sketches of different lamps based on various buildings
  • For the final lamp design, I decided to go with the Seattle Needle as inspiration for the form. The top observation deck of the needle proved to be a fascinating and workable form to model in Rhinoceros. After modeling, the lamp was rendered in Keyshot.
  • Following the modeling and rendering, the lamp design was laid out on an 18" by 24" sheet of plywood and laser cut. The pieces easily fit together and a lightbulb and fixture were placed inside.