Typography 1: Form & Counterform

  • I focused on the relationships between the letterforms of the word “Typography” and the numbers “1-9 & 0”. I also concentrated on allowing the eye to flow throughout the work. I chose to use a variety of fonts, making this an exercise of finding common elements across a range of typography designers’ work. For eye flow, I allow a constant stream of white space from square T1 to square G5 which terminates in the bowl of the Novecento Wide Book “6.” The flow picks up again in the Marketing Script Regular “R” and carries on until the topmost counter of the Bauer Bodoni Roman “8”. The A7, P8 and H9 squares are much more open and have quick transitions between them. As the flow of white terminates within the “8” the eye is allowed to slow down again before continuing to square Y0. The eye flow picks up below the flag of the “7”.