Amenta: The Environments

  • Amenta is a fictional production that I created for my Senior Project and Pitch classes about a young girl in Africa who must convene with the dead in order to save the living.
    Since Amenta is set in Africa, our heroes encounter different challenges from different types of terrain. Because Africa is such a large continent and there are so many varied environments, it's easy for our characters to encounter many animals, plants, and vastly different types of peoples.
    Created Winter 2014
    By Leah Herskowitz
  • This is one shot of the interior of Eshe's hut. Since the characters in Amenta do a lot of travelling, it's not very often that they are staying in the same place twice. Eshe's hut is one of the only places that the crew returns to in order to restock on supplies and get some rest. Throughout their travels Eshe will pick up "trinkets" and bring them back to her hut with the rest of her treasures. Many would call her precious items junk, but each piece has a story behind it, and she loves them all dearly.
  • Throughout the story our heroes are constantly being challenged by the environment and how to work with the land. The savannah is only one example of the terrain that they would encounter on their journey. The land is always either helping or hindering them in some way, it's as if it's a character in and of itself. The savannah is quite calm in comparison to some of the other harsh landscapes our heroes have to face.
  • Walking on the edge of Shanti's  village under a canopy.
  • A downshot of Shanti's village from a cliffside through tree branches.