• Photo by Richard Prince -
  • Racing
  • This project was done for my job with Hawkeye Brothers signs and graphics. The Car and Hauler were designed in collaboration with Tim Bergmann, the companies owner. The photography of the car was graciously provided by Richard Prince.

    The car races in IMSA's Tudor Series and is owned by Spirit of Daytona Racing. Hawkeye Brothers is responsible for all of their graphics and promotional material each year. For this years project we designed the car's livery, the hauler, and promotional materials; including hero cars, a merchandise tent, and a few standup banner displays.
  • #90 Daytona Prototype Corvette
  • Photo by Richard Prince -
  • Photo by Richard Prince -
  • Photo by Richard Prince -
  • Photo by Richard Prince -
    The goal in designing race livery is to make the car easy to spot on the track at high speeds, and keep the  sponsors easily visable while still conveying the brand image of the primary sponsor.'s elegant color palette and this year's car body design made this task a pleasure.
  • Hauler
  • Time Lapse video created by Scott Taylor. Featuring installers Ken Murello and Jose

    The Hauler graphics were designed to showcase the car in all of it's glory. The image on the side panel is about four times the size of the actual car and blocks out Florida's sunshine like some high-octane, monolithic behemoth.
  • Promotional Materials
  • Photo by Scott Taylor
  • All of the promotional materials were designed to highlight the car and the drivers, and reinforce the brand. 
  • Media Kit
  • Media Kit for the 2015 Race season. The goal was to deliver the information in a way that was easily digestible and visually consistent with the new sleeker, and more aggressive image.