Designer's Challenge

  • This is an on-going challenge created by one of my professors at SCAD. Each week, students challenge each other via a Facebook group to a styleframe design battle. Our professor chooses the theme and we execute frames based on that frame.

    I will continue adding frames that I create for the challenge to this page.
  • Styleframe for the Concept: "Bestiary"
  • Styleframe for the Concept: "Self-Portrait"
  • My concept for the frame above¬†was to make a self-portrait that represented myself as a designer. I feel that I can be described as an "and". I can design AND code. I can animate AND design for print/web/motion. I am a generalist and proud of it. There's lots of symbolism in this piece, but most important was the use of the ampersand, because not only does it fit in with my concept, but it is also one of the most discernible characters that tells so much about a typeface.