Infographic Styleframes: How to make Chicken Coq Au Vin

  • When given the chance to make an infographic about anything I wanted, I wanted to teach what I know. One thing I know, is how to cook. Cooking is a huge part of my family’s heritage and life, and the idea of being able to share this with others is thrilling. 

    One recipe I love to cook for and share with others is Chicken Coq Au Vin. It’s a recipe shared from the Irish side of my family, and literally came overseas in the form of a crumpled up piece of paper with unconverted metric system measurements. It is a complicated and highly technical dish, reserved for special occasions. (Or SCAD Design For Motion class projects)

    In these frames, I shared the recipe by showcasing the ingredients in extreme detail using beautiful macro photography and bright lighting. The photography is also meant to convey that these boards would be executed using Stop Motion in the final piece. I practiced knolling to exemplify the technical and "nerdy" side of cooking. Organizing the ingredients and using vivid imagery instead of black text on white paper will help make this recipe easier, and less intimidating. The handwritten typography is a nod to the crumpled up recipe I was inspired by.