White Washing; It Exists

  • For this collaborative project, the concept focuses around the aspect of white washing in photography aimed towards people of color.White washing is when a person of a tan or darker skin color is made to look lighter or, in fact whiter, to appease the beauty standards of Western society. In order to portray this, we are photographing models in their natural appearance for the first photograph; while in the second photograph, the models are photo shopped to have a lighter skin complexion. While the lighter complexion portrays one aspect of white washing, we wanted to be able to display the loss of oneself through white washing. This is achieved through posing the models in the second photograph in an awkward and cliché way. By doing this, the lighten models begin to lose their identity and begin to blend together, which is shown through the lightened models looking similar. When the two photographs of the each model are side by side, the first photograph shines with individuality, while the second is dim in comparison. Their original appearance is seen as more beautiful than the photographs that portray the beauty standards of Western society.