Get Focused - an interactive product design

  • [work in progress]
    The industrial design department building of SCAD has a hallway section including 5 studio-styled rooms separated by fiber walls and has been used for studio classes ever since. However, we have received complaints about the noise level being raised up thus it is affecting the lecture classes there.
  • Our team of six students firstly sent out questionaires to get the essence of the problem. And unfortunately, besides of some hyper-active classes out there, the structure of the building is the biggest factor that causes the high noise level.
  • Then we tried to build some physical barrier over the top of separation wall and still be able to attach with the center ceiling piece for lighting. This barrier is aimed to decrease the noise level with sound absorbing material and should be able to react with the noise (with a sensor for the sound).
  • Here are some ideas of the appearance of the "barrier". We were almost trying to rebuild the ceiling, but not so much because we couldn't go against the construction rules and school policy.