• Salt and pepper are an essential part of the dining experience especially in Western cultures.  
    I sought to bridge the disconnect between this inseparable pair by proposing a dual chambered salt and pepper grinder.
  • It is rare that design ever happens without constraints.  In this case, 'Flow Line' era car styling cues and striving to embody the post war spirit of the early 60s took hold of the project's direction.
  • 'Flow Line' styling was championed by the Italian car design maestro, Giovanni Michelotti.
    The essence of the styling could be described as a form 'caressed by the wind' - an ideology prevalent throughout European car design during the 50s to 60s.
  • Brief market research showed up two potential buyer groups - the successful young hipster going after the retro look and feel; and the retiree who plays weekend golf but remembers the 60s like he was 10 years old.
  • Approximately 20 ideas were quickly rounded up from an initial ideation of 200+ concepts.
  • Sketch models allowed for quick verification form suitability and confirmation of ergonomics.
  • Challenges ensued from prototyping quickly surfaced production challenges in terms of injection/blow-moulding procedures.
  • Proposed material choice and design solution:
  • Completed functional mock-up:
  • Dispensing larger quantities than a 'pinch' of salt or/and pepper would be reasonable for a push button grinder, however required amounts for cooking would result in uncomfortable prolonged operation.

    Henceforth, inspired by a computer mouse wheel and the cam shaft from a car, a cam operated mace modification was conceived:
  • Presenting Søap: