• In Fall 2013, I headed a team of 10 industrial designers to complete a comprehensive project between JCB North America and the Savannah College of Art & Design under the supervision of faculty member, Dean Jesus Rojas.
    The project involved a complete redesign of an Extra Large Platform Skid Steer/Compact Track Loader.
  • JCB wanted a more capable Tier 4 Interim/Tier 5 skid steer platform rated at an operating capacity of no less than 4000lb.
    The brief called for an engaging and improved design over the current Tier 4 machines in production with a huge emphasis on the North American market.
  • It was important to understand the real world implication of lifting capacity in weight versus volumetric sizing.
  • Infrographics Credit: Doug Bennett
  • Compact sizing is a key strength of the platform in alongside a wide variety of attachments.
  • Infrographics Credit: Doug Bennett
  • MADE IN USA - The next generation skid steer should communicate visual values of toughness and durability.
  • Some of my initial ideas about extending the useful range of the platform, attachments and ingress/egress solutions.
  • First hand operation of legacy products like the Tier 2 'Robot' and the Tier 3 260 were some of the research opportunities looked into to understand the product's developmental history at JCB.
  • Alternative industries and actual job sites where skid steers are utilised were thoroughly explored to comprehend real world applications of the machines.
  • Streamlined singular trim level with functional options allows customer to obtain a premium workhorse even at the base level.
    A conventional diesel powerplant alongside the innovative hydraulic accumulator option were proposed.
  • Infrographics Credits: Doug Bennett, Haley Fauvelle
  • Hydraulic bladder accumulator in action compared to alternative power systems.
  • Infrographics Credits: Doug Bennett, Rob Ayerst
  • Proposed specfications:
  • 1/1 Scale Cab Mock-up before client delivery: 
  • 1/10 Scale Models delivered to client: