4th and Munch Packaging

    Design and produce a package set that encompasses a range of objects that ties a specific brand line together. You will chooses a product category, then research the market segment more specifically and understand the target demographic, name the product line, devise its basic market appeal, write and
    define the language of the product, develop an appropriate visual language, and then design and produce the set.
    My brand will be selling tailgating supplies for men. Women tend to be the planners but the majority of tailgators are men so I wanted to create a brand that caters to men. A one stop shop for your tailgating needs. This line will care all the non-food essentials for tailgating. 
    College is the time where you really develop as a person. Since part of the tailgate experience is feeling like you are in college again I wanted to touch back to those years and remind you of those precious life lessons learned. For most people, college is their fist time living on their own and we make many mistakes. These stories are suppose to remind men of their “wonder years”.
    Photography done by Justin Chan Photography.
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