Basso & Brooke Store Opening Invitation

    Basso and Brooke Event Invite
    Fashion design duo Basso and Brooke were to open a new store
    in Kennsington, London amongst all the local boutique shopping
    and high-end art museums: the opening coincided with the
    Spring/Summer collection being released into the stores.

    Print is a large and inspiring factor amongst the brand's designs and it was a concept I wanted to highlight through the invitation's aesthetic. The invite needed to maintain a sense of expense and youthfulness. The resulting pattern design I created myself using all their previous collections as inspirations and referencing past historic art movements (similar to that found throughout their work).
    (Both envelopes and all die-cuts were hand-produced and featured are the mailing envelope, rsvp note and envelope, invitation and event ticket as well as an added, and decorative holder for all the mentioned pieces).
    Thank You!