IVY GUIDE - Mini Translator

  • IVY GUIDE - Mini Translator
    TOP 50 design of 2013 by Yanko Design
    Nowadays,learning foreign language is still a global trend for people’s increasing need of it in study and work.Usually when they meet  a new word ,especially which obstructs them from text comprehension,a dictionary or a digital device is needed for translation.It’s a waste of efficiency since an extra tool may interupt one’s continuous train of thought while reading. 
    IVY GUIDE, differentiating from the present translation pen ,can be attached to any  writing pens so you can write when you read as usual.By the technology of laser scan and projection,just underline the new word,the translation will be shown immediately on the paper.IVY GUIDE helps users  keep not only the habbit of making marks but also a continuous reading expierence.