IACT. in- SCAD Interaction design class blog project

  • IACT.in is a class blog for Interaction Design @ SCAD. It's not only a journal to document class projects, but it's also an archive and project portal for professionals outside of SCAD and students who are interested in participating in interaction design classes in the future to learn from each other. 
    I started by redesigning the old version under WordPress service and then landed on a further and bigger question, " what a class blog really should be". 
  • Besides of an archive, I also would like IACT.in to become a news portal that contains cutting-edge tech news and updates. So I saved a couple grids on the left for further expansion.
  • Highlighting a student's blog based off the traffic it received could really boost the author's confidence in writing and participation to his content.
     I used the format of timeline to show the updates of student posts over the time.
  • Easy to search for classes and categorizing posts under the correspondant classes are very important for admin to manage the whole site. It also makes visitor feel more organized.
  • "More from the author" makes visitors to stay longer not only on the current page, but also increases the traffic of the whole site. I would like to introduce IACT.in to as many people as I could. This serves a branding purpose as well.