• Shadow and Light
    Every picture has a story and every photographer is a visual storyteller. Through the stories and artist works, people are inspired and communicate to every generation with visual implementation. My choice of subject comes from renaissance painters such as Dutch painter Vermeer and Italian painter Caravaggio. They both are focused on different subjects on their paintings. Vermeer paintings, which specialized in interior scenes of middle class life. Caravaggio paintings are combining a realistic observation of the human state, both physical and emotional, with a dramatic use of lightning.
    My on-going mission was the exploring their usage of light and how effective to learn and implementing on my works.  Illuminating the scene by using light as a sunlight coming through an unseen window and placing consist of objects of various sizes are another details of my expression. Exploring the limits of the camera, to constantly endeavor for new solutions and ultimately to create images that inspired, evoke emotion and rekindle the photography by concept and light were my principal on this work.