Applications: AP40

  • ap40 is for those who like their solutions quick, simple and smart. With 40 unique solutions to outfit your office, we've done our homework so you don't have to. ap40 is a quick, simple and smart solution that allows customers of all budgets to experience Steelcase quality. And while value is important, we've still embedded our user-centered insights into every aspect of ap40. We found that the right combination of five key variables can provide users with their ideal application:
    Privacy - Confidential or open conversation 
    Collaboration - Work in teams or individually    
    Storage - Digital storage or paperwork 
    Mobility - In the office a lot or a little
    Real Estate - Large or small footprint
    The concept was derived from the need for a smaller product line to make quick and simple specifications for dealers and facitly managers. Originally, the product line consisted of over 300 separate parts and style numbers that I effectively reduced to only 22. These 22 parts can then be reworked into 40 different applications because the panels, storage and work surfaces are all based on a 36 inch module instead of modules of varying size. Limiting the number of pieces and style numbers helps to reduce cost and simplifies facitlity management of product.
    My responsibilities in this project:
    Production of presentations and drawings that were created in Adobe Indesign and Google SketchUp, and Microstation. Developed statement of line for the ap40 catalog, Designed workstations. Finish and material selection for renderings.
  • ap40
  • Applications
  • Open workstation with guest seating. 
  • Smaller footprint workstation for touchdown residents.
  • Divider panel between workers help facilitate focused work. The lower aisle panel allows for guests to walk up and have quick impromptu information exchange without a time commitment for leaving the workspace to go to a meeting room.
  • Combination of open and closed storage accommodates a variety of materials and keeps more frequently accessed references at hand. Supports anticipated, active, and archival work. 
  • Small footprint (touchdown) for distributed workers.  
  • Open adjacent storage keeps shared reference materials close at hand and in sight. Storage in the center promotes collaboration and dyadic work.  Small footprint (touchdown) for distributed workers.