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  • Project Outline
    Ambrosia Tea Shop is fake online store and physical cafe and that serves and sells luxury tea. This means that Ambrosia tea is meant to be consumed at special occasions — not as an everyday drink, just as wine is a sophisticated drink when compared to beer. Quality tea is an art; to have tea be sold at Ambrosia, the product must be made of natural ingredients and organic tea leaves and must meet all criteria. There are several locations within the United States in metropolitan areas.
    This Greek mythological drink was only consumed by the Gods. By taking elements from an unfinished project in another class for my proposal, my knowledge and experience gained afterward significantly improved upon my original idea. Only the concept and name remained the same, which is to promote the current state of tea to a high-end beverage for a whole new experience (specifically in the U.S.).
    Project Research
    In the U.S., tea falls short in significance when compared to many European nations. Afternoon tea, a light meal routinely eaten in the late afternoon, originated from wealthy English classes.
    Although Ambrosia’s goal is to stimulate the U.S. movement of a premium drink, it is mostly the equivalent of England’s “high tea,” without the heavy meal. Research for a logo will consist of tea brands/companies and Greek typefaces/art/mythology. Previous knowledge from the Western art history classes required by SCAD will aid in the historical references of my concept. All other deliverables will be driven by research done on tea — for example: cultural impact and health benefits.
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  • Greek Art & Mythology, Logotype, Mark Studies