Don't DYS the Gift | SCAD Midterm Project

  • Designing To Speak Your Mind
    The Role of Graphic Design in Social Awareness

    For this project I wanted to tackle a piece of myself that has had its share of ups and downs – dyslexia. Despite the progressive research and teaching methods there is still a stigma attached to it, characterizing dyslexics as “slow” or “stupid”.  Dyslexia is defined as a learning disorder characterized by difficulty reading despite normal intelligence (  Indicators include difficulty sounding out word, decoding, short-term memory and Rapid automatized naming or RAM (

    The idea was to present a message that shows non-dyslexic people it is not a dreadful disorder that cripples our minds. We see things differently, in a “Big Picture”, which can lead to innovation and creative inspiration. Control and moderating dyslexia is important but we have to remember we all get mixed-up every now and then.