Blueprinting Savannah Children's Museum Service

    The goal of this project was to take the first step of the double diamond process and "discover" a local museum in Savannah, Georgia. Our group of four was chosen to explore the experience of the Savannah Children's Museum and create a blueprint and deliverables based off our observations and insights.
  • Before Visiting the Site
    Before actually visiting site we prepped ourselves by researching on the Savannah Children’s museum via Yelp, Facebook page, and the museum's website.
  • First Trip to the Site
    On our first trip to the site, we observated the museum's service using the "fly on the wall" method. We also utilized first hand ethonography by talking to the staff, taking photographs of the site, and picked up flyers and pamphlets as artifacts.
  • Second Trip to the Site
    During the second trip we took note of the space, objects, stakeholders, triggers, sensory, and emotions. We also interviewed customers and staff. From this visit we started to organize our research into deliverables such as a trigger map and stakeholder map and really got to understand the how the museum worked from every point of view.
  • Third Visit to Site

    Our third and final visit (for now) was to get more personal interviews with customers. We also obtained data from a survey we created in order to judge the expectations and needs of the customers. From this we created personas we could more easily present and visualized our data from the surveys.
  • Creating a Blueprint
    Finally we worked together to organize all our research into a final blueprint!