Steelcase: San Francisco Showroom

  • The Steelcase San Francisco showroom was refinished in 2007. It held 13 residents including sales and staff. The 12,000 square foot space showcases a broad range of Steelcase, Coalesse, and Details product offerings and hosts several customer groups each day. There are 2 private offices, 26 open office vignettes, 2 enclaves, 2 enclosed conference rooms, 2 open meeting areas, mock-up space, 2 open lounge settings, and a bar area for meet and greet with customers. 
    My responsibilities in this project:
    All drawings that were created in Adobe Indesign, SketchUp and Microstation.
    Designed workstations.
    Finish and material selection.
    Production of all installation drawings and furniture specifications.
    On-site for installation
    Showroom accessories and staging.
    Production of project evaluation document and work settings record.
  • Floor plan.
  • Open lounge area for casual meetings and hosting guests.
  • Refreshment bar to greet guests and customers.
  • 8'x8' cube. The panel height is kept low and open to encourage communication and eye contact with co-workers. 
  • Open lounge space that is movable to accommodate customer mock-ups.  
  • Enclosed lounge meeting room for casual meetings. "Smart" dry erase board to facilitate and capture collaborative work and presentations
  • Seating display.
  • Bench setting with high amounts of shared storage. 
  • Open meeting space and shared references. 
  • Private office. (manager's office)
  • "Opening up" the cube. We removed several panels to demonstrate how to start opening up the cube.
  • Private office.
  • Materials library.
  • Residents' workstations.
  • Finishes.