Marriott App Redesign

  • This is a redesign of the current Marriott Hotels Application for the iPhone. One of the major goals of this project was to streamline the booking process for Marriott Rewards Members. I also wanted to make the app easier to navigate. I added features such a static "Book It" and "Confirm Reservation" buttons for quick selection. I eliminated some unnecessary features to make the app more efficient. 
  • Flow Charts and Scenarios:
    I started by analyzing the current application and how to navigate it currently. From there, I adjusted these processes to make them more streamlined. After getting feedback from users, some of the processes changed again. 
  • Final Designs
    After taking feedback from various users and futher developing my wireframes I started with. Some processes have changed from the original app such as a Marriott Rewards Member Booking a Hotel Room went from 8 steps to 5 steps. 
  • Thank you for viewing!