Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance

  • Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance, also known as Kingdom Hearts 3D, is the most recent all-new title in the Kingdom Hearts franchise. The series is over 10 years old and has become one of the most successful game franchises available today. Created through a collaboration of Square Enix and Disney, the series created its own niche in the gaming industry. The games are known for their active gameplay, engaging storylines, and the familiarity of beloved Disney characters.

    Though Disney is a large part of the series, it has caused some people to take the game less seriously and assume that the games are only about Disney. Kingdom Hearts 3D still includes the Disney characters, but has a much larger focus on unique gameplay. I wanted to create a campaign that showcases the innovative ways that this game was designed as far as playing it goes. So through a microsite,  banner ads and takeovers, an event, and a social media presence, I crafted a campaign focused around demos and experiencing the game.
  • The entry page to the microsite. Once a user clicked "enter" , it would take them to the "About" page.
  • This page gives a basic introduction to the franchise. If someone wanted more detailed information, they could click the "learn more" link or one of the links on the top.
  • This section of the microsite gives a description of each of the characters. A user can click on the name or the world name and a description will appear beneath the name.
  • Each world in the game has a unique story, and users can select each of the worlds and be taken to a page that explains the story of the world. Through this section combined with the characters section, even newcomers to the series can get a general understanding of the story.
  • Many consumers enjoy testing something out before they buy it. This page gives users the chance to play short demos of some of the key aspects of the game. 
  • Banner ads are often considered to be dull and can have a hard time getting attention. This ad would work by the character sliding across the screen to capture the viewers eye and lead them to the demo instructions. Then the user would be able to control the character through the banners to get a little taste of the game.
  • Though a great series, Kingdom Hearts suffers from a lack of effective social presence. I designed a twitter that would focus its energies on promoting game updates as well as communicating with consumers and creating a fun dialogue.
  • The last aspect of this campaign would be an event that would take place at Comic Con or other similar functions. The location was chosen due to the large population of members of the target audiences here. It's an event that encourages fun, physical participation and carries the chance of a prize.