portfolio 2002 (work from SCAD)

  • Poster Design for Underbelly's for Blue's Player Buddy Guy. This project was created in Adobe Illustrator. I want the image to look like it was coming out of a billboard with emphasis on the guitar.
  • created using illustrator (Pawtector moctorcycle glove)
  • Typography project: (Illustrator)Texas Banded Gecko, was my aminal. The text is used to describe  the Texas Banded Gecko, I also wanted to show the bands on the gecko. In the image above its depicts two gecko's crossing each others path.(this is there banded tails)
  • This was a poster I created(Photoshop) for the Univers(created by Adrian Frutiger) font campaign. I thought it would be clever to intertwine a eye chart with the universe. Sort of a play on the word of the font, and your ablility to read the bold font from a distance. 
  • Along with the poster design we were ask to create a brochure to describe the Univers font. Adrian Frutiger was my artist and he created the Font typefaces Univers and he was from Switerland. So with that information, my idea was to create a paper swiss army knife that told you were able to pull out different graphicdesigner tools. These tools would tell you a little bit more about the creator( Adrian Frutiger) and the font he created. I replaced the knives with graphic design instruments that would be use to create the font(graphic scale, triangle ruler, mechancial pencil, and a easer. the easer doubled as a mailer for Adobe were you could order the font at the time.