The Art of User Experience Design

  • In this publication I outline the most important parts of user experience. I have written and designed the book to simply describe the parts of user experience that create the best graphic situations and interactions. As an avid digital designer I thought it would be fun to take apart the apps I use and pin point why I love using them. This book explores the theories I was given in the classroom and applys them to real working examples.
  • It is important to me to be able to fluently connect my ideas across multiple medias in an effiecient and timely manner. As each of my projects progress and become something I can't stop thinking about, I really try to find new ways to represent information as well as including more interaction that makes my audience understand the material even better.
  • It is rewarding as a designer to have a connection with a user that allows them to experience a better way to understand the content. When I design I take content and context and make them work with eachother down to very fine details, building a new experience that enhances the experience.