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    In February 2014, Groupon expanded the number of ways that the company works with merchants by launching Deal Builder, a convenient, 24/7 self-service option for local businesses to build their own Groupon deal. The new Deal Builder (found at guides merchants through the step-by-step process of building their own deals and allows them to choose from a selection of different deal templates to construct a promotion that best meets the needs of their business.

  • ROLE

    Visual Designer, internship

    Working alongside a senior designer on the Merchant design team, I concepted, designed, and produced process flows, visual design mockups as needed to effectively conceptualize and communicate detailed interaction behaviors and specification documentation. During my internship I often presented design work to the product team, engineering team, and business stakeholders for review and feedback. At the commencement of my internship, alongside my amazing and talented Product Manager, we presented Deal Builder to Andrew Mason (founder and former CEO of Groupon).

    JUNE 2013 - AUGUST 2013


    Since launching back in 2008, local businesses that wanted to run a Groupon offer have needed to coordinate these campaigns with Groupon itself. Focusing on health and beauty, service-oriented and activities-based businesses, Deal Builder was to offer a self-service tool where merchants can choose which of their products or services they want to feature as part of their Groupon deal. 

    The goal was to make the interface assessable across desktop, tablet and mobile while empowering all local businesses to do the following:

    Select an image - Choose a deal image from more than 5,000 category-specific stock photos.
    Write a summary - Tell potential customers the key things they need to know about the business to make an offer standout.
    Flexible deal structures - Choose from a number of deal examples to create the perfect Groupon promotion.
    Conduct an interview - Fill out a brief question and answer interview that gets added to the live Groupon deal page, highlighting the unique aspects of the business and adding a personal touch to the promotion.

    “Merchants can tell us how many customers they need and what type of discount they want to offer, and we’ll use our expertise from working with more than 500,000 businesses worldwide to help guide them to create an effective Groupon promotion for their business”

    Vice President of Product development at Groupon

    During the kick-off meeting I was presented with the overall concept and business strategy which helped me understand both the business and merchant needs. A rough set of Balsamic wireframes were presented as a baseline for both the user flow and ui of the interface. 

    The consumer team was deep into "Prom Night" - code name for the redesign work being done to consumer facing products. While this was to be used a baseline toolset, the Merchant team was also in the process of doing a brand audit and looking at their internal and external facing products more holistically so as to bring them inline under a new branding initiative. This provided me an opportunity to design options that married the work on the Consumer's side, while exploring usecases where I could iterate on the design to help build out assets for the Merchant team.

    I had never worked on a design system such as this. I would be lying to you if I said I didn't show up everyday doughy eyed and questioning myself. In the days before Sketch (yes, those days did exist), I knew photoshop well enough, but for speed I actually built out the entire interface using InDesign. I know...
  • The process involved sketching and white‐boarding concepts and flows alongside the lead designer, then translating these directly into hi‐fidelity design mocks.

    Showcase your offer and engage customers using bright, bold images and content about your business or industry. Tailor an offer to meet your needs. Set a cap on units sold, target new customers only, or add other fine print.

  • Looking back on this I have to laugh. This was during my Mad Men era when all my comps or divs were named to match my favorite characters. Side note, my final in Web Design II - IDs, divs, classes, etc told the synopsis of the series finale. Nerd.

  • Deal Builder launched in February 2014. Groupon reported in September 2014 that over 25,000 deals have been built on it. in North America in Q2, Groupon tallied up some 105,000 deals, out of 240,000 globally, to which 95% of the businesses that use the Deal Builder are new to Groupon.

    “Deal Builder has enabled us to vastly expand the number of merchants with whom we work and enhance the ways we help them promote and build their business through Groupon.” 

    SVP, Local Deals