Revival Fest

  • " Revival Fest is a modern low-country hoedown. It's a celebration of things we love deeply in the South with 14 Southern bands, 2 stages, regional craft beers and a fresh roasted pig. "

    Before the first ever Revival Fest in the fall of 2013, I held a graphic design intern position at MusicFile Productions, in which I created the identity and other collateral for the event. The spirit of Revival Fest is both contemporary and rooted in the traditions of the American South, and the logo/mascot "Hamjo," the banjo-pickin' pig, is there to invite people of all walks of life to celebrate Low-Country culture.
  • Prelimnary work
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  • Identity
  • Texture by Loadus on deviantArt; same goes for all the textures used in the banner graphics, ads, flyers, and t-shirt designs
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