The Piggy Bank Project

  • A direct mail ad campaign by a bank to raise awareness about the importance of saving money at a young age. The client wanted to reach out to a young target market. This is the campaign I came up with.
    First, a little history. Although the exact location in which the 'Piggy bank' originated is unknown, it is believed that people used to save their money in jars made of pygg. 'Pygg clay' was used to make kitchenware. By the 18th century, the term 'Pygg jar' had evolved to 'Pig bank'. This led to the modern day 'Piggy banks' which ultimately almost always took the shape of pigs.
    Piggy banks have been around for generations. However, of late, children are not understanding the value of money. Along with instructions and the piggy box structure, a leaflet about the bank is sent to clients who have young children aged 4 to 10.
    The children can construct a piggybank from the given structure and can use this to save money.  The leaflet contains instructions on how to open a savings account for a child.
    It teaches them the importance of money early on and the need to save money rather than spend it all at once.