• Oral hygiene is regarded by medical professionals as an indicator of a person’s overall health. With this in mind, our eight-person, multi-disciplinary engineering team’s objective was to alleviate difficulties associated with daily tooth brushing by disabled individuals or their caretakers. For patients lacking muscle coordination, the twice-daily procedure of properly cleaning teeth presents a daunting challenge, often leading to dental neglect. Therefore, the team’s challenge was to simplify the task in order to facilitate effective oral hygiene. Working with the Center for Disability Services in Albany, we identified customer needs, constructed a prototype, and successfully alpha tested it. The new design improved a previous team’s multi-link system that had used standard toothbrush heads.

    Our model introduced a spline shaped track for the mouth piece and Collis Curve toothbrush heads to maximize brushing effectiveness. The heads were attached to pins running along a side gripping track. Power was transmitted to the multi-link system through a pre-existing Oral-B electric toothbrush handle.

    My contributions included creating CAD drawings and specifications, and assisting with brainstorming, manufacturing, assembly, and testing.