•     This project was a gallery space featuring 3D and relief art that was intended to be viewed by everyone no matter what their abilities might be. The concept behind the design is Refraction. When a light wave passes from one meduim to another the wave bends, changing the angle of the light. The design took the idea of changing angles and create refractions throughout the space. 
        The project focused on universal design and creating a space where everyone was able to enjoy the same experience when visiting the gallery. A cafe and gift shop were also included in the program. Throughout this design the overhead installment is the major focus point. This piece was designed as an answer to some of the needs of the space. It breaks up the monotony of the rectangle that the gallery is in while also creating enclosed gallery spaces so that one can enjoy the art without feeling exposed to the eyes of everyone else in the gallery. By keeping the rest of the design minimal it allows for easy maneuverability throughout the space as well as allowing the patrons attention to be on the art.
  • Isometric 
  • Parti Diagram
  • Second Floor Plan
  • First Floor Plan
  • Aerial Plan View (without the roof)
  • North Section
  • South Section
  • Art Exhibition Displays
  • Front Desk Design w/ Pull-out Seating
  • Cafe Counter Design
  • Final Presentation Board