• Rest
    In the middle of a home game performance, the high school marching band plays to perfection with absolute concentration.
  • Circle of Light
    The ferris wheel goes around and around at the local county fair while laughs and giggles mingle in the summer evening air.
  • Colorful and Creative
    A senior art student at Fayetteville High School spray paints the decorations for the Homecoming dance. The theme of the dance was inspired by the demolishing of parts of the school over winter break including the gym where the dance was held.
  • Ready to Strike
    A senior football player lines up at the line of scrimmage ready to run the play. The Fayetteville High School football team won the championship in the 7A conference in Arkansas in 2012.
  • Magical Carnival
    As the lights add to the air a sense of joy and mystery, children race to grab a spot on their favorite horse on the merry-go-round.
  • Ride of His Life
    On display at Fayetteville's Bikes, Blues, and Bar-be-que motorcycle rally, this skeleton on his motorcycle was one of many impressive motorcycles of thousands in the downtown district.
  • On Cue
    Waiting for the drum major to signal the drums, a Fayetteville High School student concentrates on his role in the marching band's performance during halftime at a home football game.
  • Dedication
    A volleyball player prepares for the ball to be served during a home game at Fayetteville High School. The girls' team won the 7A state championship in 2012.
  • Teams at Work
    The cheer team works together to hold up a senior cheerleader while they support the football team at one of the first home games of the year.
  • Purple Pride
    A senior high school student runs one of the flags ahead of the football team as they are announced before the biggest rivalry game of the season, cheering and yelling as he delivers the flag across the field.
  • Catch, Release, Repeat
    A senior, co-captian of the color guard at Fayetteville High School practices her routine before their performance during the halftime of a home football game.
  • Initial Sting
    A senior in high school reacts to the needle entering her skin during a school-wide blood drive. Students had to be at least sixteen years of age and to pass through an interview and questionnaire process before they could donate blood.
  • Infectious Enthusiasm
    A senior football player gives a speech at a school-wide pep rally the week after their state championship win as the rest of his team listens in the stands in the distance.
  • They Want YOU
    The cheer team practices on the football field before the game starts in the afternoon sun.