Unofficial Drive Titles

  • LB4 has chosen to utilize the themes of tension, darkness, and the parallels of innocence and vice. Being a child’s game Cat’s Cradle is a metaphor for youth and innocence. It is meant to reflect the unknown past of the Driver.  The tension of the string is a key theme in this title. LB4 wants to highlight the tension of pulled strings while revealing the typographic content. LB4 was inspired by the 80’S undertones of Drive in the choice of color and graphic visual content. The neon pink strings are meant to pop visually on the dark, Film noir inspired lighting.T he play of light and dark is also a big part of this treatment.

    The title begins in a dark atmosphere. Suddenly a light in the distance turns on, followed by more lights that turn on in syncopation to form a row of light. These lights are meant to be subtle references to the headlight beams of a row of cars. Then from the darkness emerges a pair of hands that reveal pink neon strings. The hands open to show the cat’s cradle, while also revealing the first name. The strings begin to twist and pull as the hand manipulates them. Typography begins to show up in and out with the moving strings. As the strings’ form is changing, the camera will move into the strings, and more typography is revealed within the strings.  Finally the camera will move out to reveal the cat’s cradle -- pulled to its limit when suddenly all of the strings snap at once to reveal the Main Title Logo.  From here a white headlight from center moves behind the title and quickly drives closer to wash out the title and enter the first scene of the move when the driver is in the city