Form, Space and, Order

  • The design for this project was intended to create a sanctuary within the park away from the excitement of a busy city. The concept, Native Savannah, was intended to bring the user back to Savannah before it was the historic landmark it is today. By guiding users through the tunnels before entering the center of the folly a sense of emerging into the past was created. The high earth walls prevent anyone from seeing out of the folly except from the viewing platform which was derived from the Native Yamacraw Indians traditional lodging. Its place overlooking the pond in the folly creates a sense of disconnect from the rest of the park.┬áThe juxtaposition of the center of the folly where only earth and sky are visible and the viewing platform where long thin windows allow for a panoramic view of the park and surrounding historic district emphasizes the simplicity of the folly.
  • Form, Space and Order
    Winter 2013
    Savannah College of Art and Design