Decât o Revistă and Omnivor Magazine

  • These are my contributions to Decât o Revistă and Omnivor magazine. Photography, styling, recipe and story for Decât o Revistă by Gabriela Iancu. Photography and story for Omnivor by Gabriela Iancu.

    Decât o Revistă is a Romanian magazine of groundbreaking nonfiction. Decât o Revistă (roughly translated as Just a Magazine) covers the puzzle that is modern Romanian life.

    Omnivor is a cultural gastronomic journal. Omnivor appeared from the desire of speaking about what and how we are eating today, which are the trends and phenomena of the gastronomy, with a focus on healthy food, looking back at traditions, sustainability, food blogging, liberating the act of cooking or transforming your passion into a business. Omnivor is published by the amazing team of Decât o Revistă.