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    Color Palette: Using Figma as an easy user-friendly tool for Steph to choose the color palette for her Instagram feed, I was able to create a simple template of how her scheduled posts could pattern out in a visually pleasing manner without the colors overlapping. Once the latest post reaches the last color on top, there shouldn't be a problem repeating the pattern again from the bottom.

    Structure: This color palette is mixed and loud with bright hues, which could potentially be overwhelming to look at all at once. This is why it was important to establish a structure to the posts to give off the notion that this account has a purpose at first glance — that is achieved here with the patterned posts that alternate one after the other. It was also important for Steph to have the freedom to include candid photos alongside her regular exercise posts, which is easily achieved in the spaces that are not color blocks.

    Creative Director / Designer / Animator: Tiffany Chu