Converse #chucketlist

  • Converse #chucketlist
    Personal Project: Social Media Marketing Campaign
  • What do you want to cross off your #chucketlist?

    In a society full of rules, Converse lovers crave adventure and going against the norm.
    With a bucket list in hand, they can seek out thrilling experiences while expressing their personalities through the Chuck Taylors they wear. Thus, the #chucketlist was born.


  • 1. Overcome Obstacles
    first item on my #chucketlist

  • 2. Travel the 7 Continents
    next item on my #chucketlist

  • 3. Learn How to Shuffle
    next item on my #chucketlist

  • CREDITS​​​​​​​
    ​​​​​​​Creative Director / Designer / Animator: Tiffany Chu​​​​​​​