Big Dreams, Small Apartment

  • Big Dreams, Small Apartment
    Personal Project: Instagram
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    Instagram Experience: To add to the New York feel of living in a small apartment, each Instagram square represents an individual New Yorker's apartment that holds a whole world in itself. Each apartment square is vastly different from the one next to it, which transports the viewer to different experiences and feelings when they tap on each square. As the viewer scrolls up/down, the color of the sky is meant to gradually change color with each new row of posts, allowing for endless scrolling and endless stories to be uncovered.

    Inspiration: This building was inspired by my first NYC apartment, from the gates to the steps to the color of the building. The bugs scattered on the front steps are unfortunately reminiscent of a traumatizing roach experience I had while living in this building.

    Creative Director / Designer / Animator: Tiffany Chu