Book Design, My Ohio State University

  • Course assignment for Typography II taken at Savannah College of Art and Design with Professor Merrick Henry, Spring 2013. Students were directed to design a 24 page narrative that explored type as voice, rhythm and pacing, and user experience. Students were instructed to select content of their choosing to create their own content, or contact and receive permission to use content by a published or non-published author. The final product was to include a solution for printing and binding in addition to page design.
    For my personal solution I chose to develop a book that documents my younger sister's official student blog for The Ohio State University (OSU). Since her Freshman year at school she has been posting about her daily life at OSU, the crazy college antics of herself and others, and answering questions about what life is really like as a college student. She and her fellow bloggers have a myriad of stories that they have posted online but that have never been seen in a tactile form. For this project I sought to develop a book that explores the story telling qualities of typographic choices through these vignettes.
    While digital “printing” is the wave of the future, there is still something so special about holding an actual book in your hands. Reading a story from paper has a special, nostalgic feel that truly connects you with the author and the story being told. For this reason I used my sister’s blog posts to develop a journalistic narrative with a focus on typography to enhance the voice, emotion, and energy of her words. Blogs are merely a digital diary - It was my intention to make a u-turn and turn a blog into a tangible journal, instead of a journal into a blog.
    Care was taken to ensure that the design was fitting of the classic aesthetic of the university and its established virtual identity including logo colors and typefaces. Through research I found the official Pantone Spot colors and their CMYK process equivalents as well as official typefaces including Minion Pro and News Gothic, which were all utilized in the completion of this project.
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