Mason Murer Fine Art Invitation

  • The project is a die-cut forest-inspired invitation, designed for the exhibit opening reception of Daniel McCormick & Mary O'Brien and Newton & Helen Mayer Harrison at Mason Murer Fine Art Gallery.
    The invitation, as well the typeface and paper choices, reflects the sustainability of the artists' method of creating art. The Invitation’s paper is 100% post consumer and alternate fiber paper. The typeface are Ramonda and Century Gothic, which was proved through research is Eco-friendly and ink saving, compared to other typefaces.
    Die-cut detail in the front and first panel of the invitation.

  • The invitation is a vertical rectangular application of the iron cross folding style. The front panel is a die cut of a layer of leaves in silhouette, and then open to another die cut of a forest silhouette. The layers of the die-cut forest creates the feeling of looking into the forest through the leaves and trees, leading to the final content of the exhibit reception with information about the artists and the exhibit.
    The invitation comes with a response card and envelope.