Adobe Live Cinemagraphs

  • adobe live cinemagraphs
    Photo Compositing - Bring your Photos to Life
  • Created on Adobe Live

    This is a series of three still-life photographs that I turned into cinemagraphs during my two-day live stream with Adobe. The cinemagraphs are made up of several spontaneous yet controlled moving elements that exist infinitely, to produce a contemplative and thought-provoking experience.

    Check out my first Adobe Live streamĀ as I share my process on how I create my cinemagraphs using Adobe Photoshop and After Effects.

    Day 1 - creating cinemagraphs in Photoshop.
    Day 2 - creating cinemagraphs in After Effects.

  • Concept:
    My cinemagraphs, a unique combination between still-life photography and motion, evoke the longing for a romanticized world, where our reality becomes a fantasy with enchanting cookies, lush flowers and butterflies. The esoteric vibe of these imagined places, invite us to get a closer look and discover the hidden stories.

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