Maven - Brand Identity

  • Maven is changing the way young professionals expand their professional network. We help you meet smart, friendly people who will be good additions to your network enjoyably. You can say goodbye to networking events.

    We’ll set up a coffee meeting for you and other relevant professionals where you can get to know each other in a comfortable, small-group setting. We take care of logistics so you can enjoy your conversation.
    Modified Logotype
  • The reasons for modifying the logotype were to create more refined lettering and make the type more personable. The custom type has a bit more volatility between the smooth and crisp cornering - making the logotype more actionable. Also, there is more variation among the stroke width for added visual interest. The changes are subtle, but I believe the overall of effect of the modified logotype compared to its predicessor is much more powerful and authoritative while still remaining open and friendly.
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