Sustainable Packaging

  • While in Hong Kong I had the opportunity to work on a personal project for five weeks. I focussed on sustainable street food packaging that is made from bamboo pulp refuse and printed with soy ink. 

    The geometric shape is derived from Hong Kong's angular architecture. An optional sauce pocket was added to give users customizable options; something that is a cultural standard in HK. This packaging was designed to be space efficient, allowing for the packaging to nest inside of one another. Modularity and nesting components is something that helped create a sustainable design. This design eliminates superfluous space usage since the packaging can be stacked. 

    Bellow is a link to my detailed research and design process:
  • Exploded views of the large version
  • Rendered handle for the large package
  • Mock-ups of the skewer add ons, medium and large packaging
  • Curious locals