Level - A rethink of motel business

  • LEVEL is based off intensive research of motel service sector results in a rethinking of the whole motel business. The traditional motel has become a filthy, cheap and last-choice option for the majority of people nowadays, and it has lost most of its used-to-be customers. 
    With this rethinking and reviving project, we redefined the demographic of users, stakeholders and entended this analysis to the whole industry to re-brand this falling business. 
    This UI is part of the innovation serving for a brand-new automated acoomodation experience. The business model and details of LEVEL will be elaborated in another project to unfold an attractive story.
    The User Interface development of the service is showed in a separated project. 
    Please visit: http://bit.ly/1neHf9v
    for detailed process and results.
  • In-room interface for room service system, from butler to shoe-polishing and all kinds of service.
  • At major airports over the country, our kiosks are the first touch-points after our customer land. They can also access their iterary through phone app to check in before their arrival, to notify a butler to deliver the car, or to make last-minute decision for booking a room.