Clear Patient Care, A UI Investigation

  • Clear Patient Care is a user interface design exploration. I am inspired by making the organization of information and processes better through design and I could not be more excited about the possibilities when it comes to the healthcare industry. Being the son of a dedicated 25 yr. experienced professional of the pediatric nursing world, I have a passion for understanding the abilities of these professionals. The tools healthcare professionals are given are powerful devices that collect vital information but the potential to create a better recovery process for a patient is provisioned with endless possibilities.
  • Through Clear Patient Care the patient is awarded a much more humane and personal recovery through a graphically designed communication system that allows the patient full control of their needs.
  • The nurse would be able to see each request for their patients that day, and respond to the patients request.
  • As the patients needs grow, the level of indication shows the progression of issues.
  • With the need to educate patients and parents about the medication their child is taking, the bedside system also aids in the content of this information. After the patient is shown the information they or a parent can access it any time they need to refer to it.
  • While creating the interface, I decided a need to document my extensive thoughts on the system. I created a mini booklet to clearly layout the process of my application service design to show the process a patient would go through, describing and detailing how this betters the current service.
  • Studying, researching, and intervieweing people were crucial to the success of this project. In this printed piece it has given me a vessel to deliver that information.