Red's Eats Rebrand, Maine

  • Reds Eats is a Maine staple, for years they have been cooking delicious lobster and serving it up in a beautifully grilled bun. Their branding lacks effort to create a better experience for the customers. With such beautiful food, I created a logo and expereince that sublty rebrands the world famous lobster stand and keeps their original sense of home grown and humble experience.
  • Extending the brand experience is something I think Reds would find valuable. To reincorporate their name within there dining space is something that would allow customers to have a sublte brand experience that extends past the sign that is currently in place.
  • Red's perfect lobster roll comes wrapped in wax paper and tinfoil to hold the delicious food within the bun. This is another experience point that adds sublte value and attention to detail for their brand.
  • Reds Eats Current Logo Type
  • Re-invisionsed Red's Logo