Stretch Clock

  • photography by Zoe Herring
  • Stretch Clock
    tell time with found objects

    The Stretch Clock is a large rubber band that turns any object into a clock. Stretch the band around a thing, insert the movement, attach the hands, and now its a clock! I designed the Stretch Clock for almost object.

    The concept came about by repurposing found objects, giving them a new functional life. Living in Brooklyn, I'm always finding random things that have been tossed out on the street. One day, while walking down my normal route, I found this beautiful marble slab in a dark emerald color. I think it must have originally been a small stool or side table. I now have quite a few found objects sitting around my studio, hoping to be of use or inspiration at some point.

    I was experimenting with rubber bands and thought about attaching a clock movement to my found objects with a huge band. The movement could easily poke through the band and be held in place by tension. I ordered some elastic exercise bands, cut a hole in them, and started stretching clocks around things. I tested out different layouts, eventually adding the ability to flip the band inside out to swap the numbers. After my initial test with the exercise bands, I began reaching out to several manufacturers to make a few samples. I worked on honing in the perfect width to cover the clock movement and optimal length to stretch around things.​​​​​​​

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