Digital Tutors Lessons

  • Digital Tutors
  • A series of instructional lesson created for Digital Tutors.
  • Creating Rock Structures for Games in ZBrush and Unreal Engine
    In this Unreal Engine tutorial teaches how to create rock modular sets for use within the game engine.Create rock and cliff reusable assets for games by focusing on creation of these assets using ZBrush and Maya for modeling. 
  • Realtime Environment Materials and Textures in UDK
    Instructional lesson created for Digital Tutors. Lesson consists of learning to streamline the material creation process by building multiple layered effects, tile-able textures, and utilizing math functions and control variables to apply changes to multiple materials. These processes continue into understanding how to manipulate materials and shaders such as wood, stone, metal, and sand.
  • Post-Processing and Cinematic Effects in UDK
    Throughout these lessons we will discuss using camera actors to shape player experience and also discuss techniques similar to those used in films.
    Camera actors control the view the player has at all times and portray the events the in the game. Many current generation games use cinematic tricks and techniques to sell the believability of the action and game play.
    By the end of this training you should feel more comfortable adding Post Processing and Cinematic Effects in UDK.
  • Real-Time Aging and Decay for Games in UDK and Photoshop
    In this tutorial we will discuss creating a damaged and worn asset from a new asset and control a real time transition between the two states. Condition, damage, and aging of materials is important to understand for each asset an artist makes. Not only should they understand how the object was created when new, but also how the build-up of wear and damage will effect the objects surfaces and edges.
  • Creating a Vintage Textured Game Asset in Photoshop and Maya
    The overall goal of this project is to learn how to create stylized textures and materials for games. This tutorial focuses on the creation of a vintage sign asset using multiple texturing techniques in Photoshop and ending with a real time version of the sign in game (UDK) with working materials for lights.
  • Creating Game-Ready Chains, Ropes, and Vines in Maya and UDK
    In this UDK tutorial the focus is on multiple methods of constructing chain, rope, and vine assets and various software workflows to make the most of texture usage, polygon counts, and artist production time.