Lacoste, France

  • All of these works were completed during my quarter abroad in Lacoste, France. Most of the materials used were found/purchased abroad. We had a final exposition where I had the opportunity to set up, show, and sell my own work.
  • Free motion embroidered linen dress - The floral design on the dress was inspired by the provencal flowers.
  • A photograph of the Ruins at Glanum Archeological Site and handmade textile responses - handmade lace, embroidered lace on hand-dyed fabric, knitting, twisting, pen and ink drawing.
  • A photograph of a local sculpture covered in snail shells with textile responses - free motion embroidery and quilting, bullion knots and beaded real shells, smocking, handspun yarn, watercolor drawing.
  • A photograph of the view of the valley outside my window and textile responses - free motion embroidered roving on hand dyed fabric, crochet, free motion embroidered branches, quilted felt landscape, lace with embroidery floss woven in, ink and watercolor drawing.
  • 15 days in Provence - I completed a small hand-embroidery every day that somehow described that particular day.
  • Hand-dyed with natural woad shirt, decontructed
    Photograph of soaps at the market with textile responses