Undergrad Thesis: Mixed Use Design

    Mixed Use Facility: Duck-Pin Bowling, Fitness Center, Restaurant, Lounge
    Richmond, Virginia
    18,000 Square Feet
  • What is 27HUNDRED LUCK?

    A reinvention of a duckpin bowling alley, fitness center and casual dining facility. The duckpin bowling alley is not one you would find in the 1900s- it is YOUR bowling alley, with modern furnishings, great music, lighting that lets you know it is time to have fun, and seating that makes you feel young. The fitness center is not full of machines that force you to repeat the same movement for a set number of minutes. It is a mix of classrooms designed for social interaction with fresh air. The dining area promotes social interaction in a comfortable environment, serving healthy affordable food.

    Targeted users of the facility are college students (aged 21+ yrs old) and young professionals of Richmond and the surrounding area.

    The proposed building will be housed in the Lucky Strike Power Plant. The building was originally designed to power the Lucky Strike Factory, located next door. Architectural details such as exposed brick walls, concrete floors, steel beams and large windows add to the industrial character of the design.

  • The first floor of the facility houses the Interactive Hallway, Organic Restaurant, Fitness Center & Smoothie Bar.
  • 3d Model of first level
  • Users are greeted by a glowing deep red desk. To the left, users can access the second or third level of the facility by elevator. Users destined for the fitness center or organic restaurant can venture down the interactive hall.
  • The interactive hall gives users an opportunity to "leave their mark". They can note their hometown on the touch screen map located in the nook of the hallway. Following the screens leads users to a check-in area for the fitness center or a hostess for the restaurant.
  • Dining Room
  • Smoothie Bar, located inside 27HUNDREDFIT
  • Meditation Silo, located inside 27HUNDREDFIT
  • The second floor of the facility houses the the Duckpin Bowling Alley, the Silo Bar,
    the Billiards area & Staff Offices.
  • 3d Model of second level
  • Seating area of 27HUNDRED STRIKE!
  • Duckpin Bowling Alley
  • The third floor of the facility houses the bar & lounges of the facility. The main bar, Double Strike XX provides an overlooking view of the bowling down below. Bean Bag Lounges provide an intimate seating
    area for on-lookers. Several observation lounges provide intimate seating areas, technological
    innovation & views of the bowling alley.
  • 3d Model of third level
  • Double Strike XX
  • Modern Observation Lounge
  • Antique Modern Observation Lounge