RapCaviar Day 1 Club

  • RapCaviar Day 1 Club

    Spotify is continuing to celebrate the fifth anniversary of its flagship hip-hop playlist, RapCaviar, with the launch of RapCaviar Day 1 Club, an interactive experience that allows fans to discover and prove which artists they have been supporting since day one. The digital experience is accompanied by a social campaign as well as an out of home campaign in major cities across North America.

    With an audience of over 13 million people across the globe, RapCaviar has been instrumental in the success of some of hip-hop’s hottest tracks. Since its inception, RapCaviar has proven to be an indisputable and influential force in the hip hop industry, and fans worldwide have come to rely on the curated playlist to discover new artists as well as hear the hottest hits from their favorite artists.

    Press: The Brand Identity, Hypebeast, Web Depot, Respect Mag, Hip Hop DX

    Awards: FWA of the Day and FWA of the Month finalist

  • Two Day 1 Club logos with custom lettering were created for the project; one hero logo and one secondary horizontal. These were paired up together with Spotify Circular Bold. The design and branding is created by Spotify’s In-House team and is an expansion out of the core RapCaviar identity that was created a few years prior, also in-house at Spotify. 

    The Day 1 Club wordmark expands on the stencil-like aesthetic of the current RapCaviar’ R’ logo across the two lockups, one stacked and one horizontal. The identity features sharp angles paired with striking lines and curved edges, an expansion of the original RapCaviar Identity.​​​​​​​

  • Outdoor Campaign

    The digital experience was teased and promoted with a social campaign as well as an out of home campaign in New York City, Atlanta, Philly & Toronto – featuring over 20 artists including Drake, Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion, Lil Baby, Young M.A, Tierra Whack and many more. Artists are featured with their own photography with no treatment in order to allow themselves to be fully expressed the way they would like to be.​​​​​​​

  • Interactive Experience

    In order to bring the experience to life, the 3D elements are animated throughout the experience. They react to the user's movement and transition seamlessly between the different status levels. In combination with the stark visuals we feature previews of the tracks as well as bold sound design to create the right atmosphere.

  • Video by Active Theory

  • Fandom Levels

    The flat 2D lettering was brought to life by creating 3D elements that live as background textures throughout the experience. As you go through the experience the black metallic texture paves the way until the user finds out their Day 1 status of an artist that reveals one of three textures showing off the users fandom level, either Gold, Platinum or Diamond.

  • 3D textures: Black Metal for general campaign and messaging. Platinum, Gold and Diamond for status cards.

  • Consumer Share Cards

  • Artist Share Cards

  • VP, Global Executive Creative Director: Alex Bodman / Group Creative Director: Dan Bill / Associate Creative Director: Shannon Ross, Kenia Perez / Global Brand Design Director: Rasmus Wangelin / Brand Design Director: Erik Herrström / Art Director: April Pascua / Senior Designer: William Oswin / VP, Global Brand: Alexandra Tanguay /  Head of Global Brand: Lauren Solomon / Brand Lead: Payman Kassaie / Brand Manager: Kimmy Summers / Director of Integrated Production: Belinda Lopez / Executive Producer: Lauren Keller / Senior Producer: Gabija Blake / Business Affairs Lead: Lauren King / Global Strategy Director: Zach Pentel / Creative Strategy Lead: Nathan Doiev / Engineering Manager: Gandalf Hernandez
    Extended team: Amanda Butler, Zainab Hasnain, Ryan Chappell, Max Weinstein, Tamika Young, Kaitlin Longworth, Michelle Hockett, Richelle Cyrus, Jon King, Sydney Lopes, Carl Chery, Maxwell Adepoju

    Digital Production Partner: Active Theory / Sound Design: Plan8 / Media Agency: UM Worldwide